Pyramid Solitaire

Remove all cards from the pyramid by combining two cards to a total value of 13. The numerical cards are worth the face value, the A is 1 point, the J is 11 points, the Q is 12 points and the K is 13 points. The King can be removed as a single card. You can use the cards in the Draw pile to get a new face-up card.

Pyramid Solitaire uses a standard 52-card deck. At the start of the game, 27 of those cards are dealt on the tableau in the shape of a pyramid, with 7 cards making up the base. All cards are facing forward and they must overlap. Enjoy now at Puzzle games

The remaining cards are combined to form the stockpile and are placed face down next to the player. 

When the players draw a card from this pile, they must place it face forward next to it to create the waste pile. Once the stockpile has been completely transferred to the waste, the players can collect the cards, turn them face down and refill the stockpile once again. 

The last area of the game stands to the right of the stock and waste pile: the foundation. This is a reserved space where the players will save the cards they have removed from the pyramid. Once a card has been placed in the foundation, it cannot be retrieved.

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Instruction to play:

Remove all cards by pairing cards to a value of 13.

An A=1, J=11 and Q=12 points. A K=13 points and can be removed as single card.