Happy Room

If you are extremely angry or tired of your life, stay calm and you can relieve stress when joining the Happy Room at Y8. By imagining the person you hate in this game, you will use various experiments in a cruel manner. However, play the game to relax and you can keep calm in everyday life.

You should not apply this game outside of reality. So, play the game if you really feel stressed because this is just a fake game to relieve your emotions. The online game Happy Room creates rooms with different experiments and weapons. The level of damage will also vary in this game. You can click on the different icons to explore their meaning. Surely you are ready for the myriad of challenges. Be strong and use this game for entertainment purposes only.

This is an age limit game to join. So, consider it if you join it. In addition, you can also share with your friends to help them relax when they become angry. We have updated new games with different areas for players from all over the world and of all ages. You will have a goal in destroying the merchant in this game. Calculate and control the weapon carefully to achieve your goal. Be cheerful and relaxed as this is just a game to help you relax. Other games are suggested for you to join as Combat 5 at http://y8games.games

Instruction to play:

Use your left mouse button and click on the symbols to start the game with different damage levels.