Combat 5

Combat 5 is a fast-paced and action-packed first-person shooter game which you can play online for free on y8 2018 games. Play as an elite soldier who has the ability to fight against many types of opponents. This game also brings you the chance to exchange with many skillful players around the world.

Combat 5 is the follow-up title to the original Combat Reloaded but it has more interesting features and more powerful weapons. At first, you have a knife, use it to kill your foes but you must be careful because your opponents have the guns and they can slay you at the long distance but you can’t. Move around the field to collect the powerful weapons or try to kill the bad guys to earn money and use this money to purchase weapons in y8 games for kids.  

Before playing, choose your region and join a room. There are 2 sides in each match: the blue team and red team. Select your team and start fighting. There is a variety of different weapons such as a deadly machine gun, or a pistol or even a sniper rifle for you to dispatch your opponents.

Besides, the game features many available map options for you or you can use the map editor to design your own custom map with a game mode of your choice. Pay the highest attention to attack your foes and avoid their attacks to save your life. If your health bar runs out, you lose the game immediately, thus try your best in order not to get damage.

Can you show off your fighting skills and conquer this game?

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Instruction to play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to move, R to reload, F to pick-up a weapon, Number keys to switch weapons, B to open buy menu, Tab to enter the menu, Shift to run, Spacebar to jump, and Left click to shoot.