Sniper 3d

The snipers are the most deadly assassins due to the wide range of attack, the precision in their shots and the ability to hide in plain sight. With Sniper 3D at, you will experience the task of a sniper in a realistic set which is 3D. This y8y8 game is an online assassin game to put your ability to aim to the test. If you take a look around, you will see that you are in a high tower which is placed nearby the enemy base.

However, you are completely on your own and your task is to eliminate them all within a limited time. Load the bullets and use your trusted machine gun to shoot down all the enemies that you can. For each successful shot, you will gain some scores. However, the number of points for every kill is depended on the part of the body you hit and the distance of the shot. So in order to get high scores, make sure to hit the targets which are far away.

gWhat makes this game even more realistic, is that y8 online combines all the elements which affect the precision of a shot in real life. You should also pay attention to the direction and speed of the wind. This will be shown to you on the bottom left side of the screen. Let's complete all the tasks and try to win the battle. There are many other intense games with the same theme like Zombie Farsh and Worldz for you.

Instruction to play:

Aim and shoot with your mouse.