Stickman Archer Online 2

Stickman Archer Online 2 is a shooting online game that is developed by Y8 1 player games. This is an addicting game in which your task is to control your character to kill the enemies. The game layout is pretty simple and clear. All that you can see on the game screen are two players, the scores and the energy bars.

Let's pay attention to your character a little more. Your character will stay on a block and he won't be able to move throughout the game. You can control the force and direction of the arrows in order to hit the opponents with those deadly arrows. If you hit the opponent in his body, his energy bar is deducted and vice versa. The person who runs out of energy first is the loser.

However, there is a twist in the game. If you manage to shoot the opponent straight at his head, he will be knocked out immediately. This is a special tip for players at Y8freegame to win the game faster. After you defeat an opponent, another will appear on the screen for you to compete against. However, the position of the block might be changed to a higher or lower position, which makes the game much more difficult.

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Instruction to play:

Instruction: play with your mouse.