Tanksmith.io is a superb multiplayer io game which you can play on y8 games online for free. You possess your own tank and you have the right to customize it and control it to destroy your opponents. Your army is strong or not that depends on you. You can assemble a unit of tanks, move around this frantic online arena and eliminate the enemies out of your land.

In the beginning, you start with a basic tank. You go around the map, shoot at the triangle objects to gather resources to improve your tank. These targets can’t be destroyed easily with one bullet, so you must shoot constantly at them to attack them. When they are demolished, you become stronger. Besides, you can also attack and kill your opponents to defend yourself and gain power. Collect their scattered pieces and use these pieces to craft new parts in y8 latest games.

Watch out because many players are around you and try to approach to kill you, attempt to slay them immediately when you see them or run away if you are weaker than the foes. Otherwise, they can kill you and you lose the game. Try and dish out as much damage as possible but also avoid getting damaged yourself. When you possess a strong and powerful troop, you can eliminate the enemies faster and it is easy for you to rule the world. Can you become a master Tank smith?

We are so thankful for your comments and rating. Invite your friends to join the war with you. Many other similar games are waiting for you in http://y8games.games/ like Warscrap.io and OutGun .io.

Instruction to play:

Use WASD to control the tank's movement, left-click mouse button to shoot your main turret.