Coco Choice

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a talented singer? Can you create impressive music and capture the hearts of your fans? Do you have the confidence to sing in front of thousands of viewers? Play Coco Choice and make your dream come true.

In particular, this game is an interesting story about a boy. He loves music but his family does not support this. He has to make one of two choices: Music or Family. If he chooses a family, your task is to help him become more beautiful with the choice of costumes. After owning the beautiful costumes, he and his family can have a peaceful life. However at y8 for kids 2018, he still feels unhappy by the musical dream.

If he chooses music, he can design beautiful pieces and compose wonderful songs about the family that can convince his family. With your talented music, I believe that you can help him create an impressive family song for his family. I think that they will support his musical dream after listening to this song. In particular with y8 free game, this is also a great opportunity for you to show creativity and have many relaxing moments in life. Can you help him?

Everything is available for you here! Follow the game list below and explore many other tracks with BFFs Girls Team and Hospital Hustle. Much fun!

Instruction to play:

The players can use the mouse to interact with the computer.