The Smurfs Jigsaw

The Smurfs Jigsaw a jigsaw puzzle game which shows you the exciting world of Smurfs and his tiny friends. Each image contains a story or an activity of them. This game of y8 games for kids is an HTML game, so you can play in the browsers (chrome, safari) or on the smartphone or tablet (iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android devices, and Samsung) with no downloads or plug-ins.

A variety of interesting pictures about the daily life of the magic blue creatures are waiting for you. Enjoy the game and explore their world in y8 puzzle games. Your mission in the game is to arrange many pieces and transplant them to be the right picture. There are totally 18 images as well as 18 different actions. For example, the first picture is about “Smurfs in the forest” and the second picture is about Brainy Smurf with an experimental tube in his hand. Complete the first picture to unlock the second one. Do the same to perfect all 18 challenges.

In the beginning, we show you the original picture in 3 seconds. You should take a look at it carefully and remember their orders. Then it disappears and the image is divided into 9 small species. The playing time is not limited, so don’t bustle, just observe carefully to find out the right position to them. Do your best to overcome 18 stages to become the winner and set a record.

Please rate the game and leave your feedback if you are a fan of Smurfs. Introduce the game with your friends to have fun together. Many similar interesting games are waiting for you in such as Catch The Cat and 2020.

Instruction to play:

Click your mouse to place the species.