Sunny Farm io

Sunny Farm on y8y8y8 games is a bizarre mix of action and farming in where you operate a combine, harvest crops, and destroy other players in intense online battles. Will you be able to survive long enough to collect more wheat than the other players on the server? The more you collect, the more trailers you'll be able to attach to your car. A long trail is not only a sign of accomplishment, but it can also be used to destroy your foes: if you position yourself appropriately, your adversaries will crash into one of your trailer vehicles and die instantly. However, this also means that you are vulnerable in the same way: try to avoid colliding with the side of another vehicle, or you will have to restart your journey.

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Instruction to play:

The objective of this game is to survive as long as possible while harvesting massive amounts of wheat. By pressing the Left, Right, Up, and Down arrows on your keyboard, you may control your combination. If you like, you can also utilize the W, A, S, and D keys. All you have to do is drive over the yellow areas of the field to harvest the wheat.