Oceanar.io is an io online game which you can play for free on y8 io games. It is playable on both browsers and smart devices. Your field is into the sea which various marine animals live in. Before taking part in the adventure, you have to name your character and choose your region.

Firstly, you possess a fish and its color is random in each time you play such as violet, orange, yellow and red. Your mission is to control it to go around this area and eat the small creatures. This food is scattered everywhere in the sea. After collecting a certain amount of food, you can create your little characters which have the same color to you in y8 2018 free games.

As you have enough power, you are able to attack and eat other queenfish. However, if you approach other bigger queen, you are eliminated and lose the game. Lead your team to go away when you see other troops to avoid their attack. Besides, be careful in order not to let your member be eaten. Attempt to live as long as you can for bonus points.

How bigger you can be in this game depends on your reflexion skills and your effort.

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Instruction to play:

Move your mouse to control the creature.