ZomBrawl is a zombie brawl game which is playable y8free games. Fight in a hand to hand combat against the legion of the undead and defeat their big evil bosses in this fun fighting game! Collect coins and use it to hire new brawlers that will fight for you! How long can you survive?


The game has 10 different characters and 4 different levels! It pits you against wave after wave of increasingly difficult enemies. Here, choose from one of ten different warriors, all with their own skills, health, and styles of fighting and fight to the death against hordes of vicious and slanderous enemies out for blood. Battle it out in one of four finely crafted environments. 


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Instruction to play:


WASD or Arrows to move

Use the mouse to Navigate / Aim

LMB to Select

Hold Space bar to Jump

J / LMB to Primary Attack

K / RMB to Secondary Attack

E / Middle Mouse to (When charged) Ultimate Attack