Gunslinger Wild Western Wolf

Gunslinger: Wild West Wolf is a sophisticated multiplayer shooter with realistic graphics. This multiplayer shooter game allows you to fight in the war against other players as you pick your side. Play with your friends or call them into battle. Will you join the US or the native Indians and cowboys? That's up to you.

Western states of the USA - Dakota, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska 19th century. The Wild West, where the Civil War rages between 1861 and 1865. All the big names Billy The Kid, Buffalo Bill, Geronimo and others met in one place for the only purpose. They want to challange you into the battle. Join the wild west wars and enjoy the western atmosphere. Visit places inhabited by native Americans. 

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Instruction to play:


The mouse to Shoot

Space to Jump

Shift to Run

C to Crouch

R = Reload

{1-4} to Weapons

L to Show map