Become A Referee

Become A Referee

Date added: 24/11/2022

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In the "Referee Quiz" you can play the role of an assistant football referee and test yourself in ten difficult situations. Your task is easier. You don't have to run like crazy down the sideline and pray that the sweat dripping from your forehead doesn't get into your eyes. You sit comfortably in front of the VAR screen and watch what is happening on the screen. It is from this perspective that you watch the scene from the pitch and - as befits a good video quiz - you make a binding decision.

The game has a lot of interesting things. With eye-catching graphics, players will be attracted. Invite your friends to the game if they like it, invite them to some other games similar to Football 3D at y8 games. Good luck and victory!

Game controls:

Watch 10 situations from the football field and see if the referee will make the right decision.

There is also a VAR at your disposal.

You make your decisions using the "yes" "no" "VAR" buttons on the screen

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