Shot For Hire

Shot For Hire is going to be one of the coolest hypercasual shooting games online you now get to play on our website, a brand new fantasy game online with this setting that we are sure is going to make you even more interested in playing it, as it should, because we can guarantee a really fun time for you right now!

Engage in an accuracy shooting action gameplay. Ravenburgh is a city ruined by rogues attacking and stealing from travelers. Choose your mercenaries to help you along the road. Unlock cities to connect and make contract with various mercenaries from the guild. Engage in an accuracy shooting action gameplay. Clear all the various mission over the city.

Despite the simple rules, it still takes you a bit of creativity to come up with solutions that no one has! If you fail to make the two balls meet, replay and try until you come up with a perfect way! Don't give up and continue on this journey with similar-themed fun games such as Pac Xon or Fantasy Madness, all of which are available for free here at Y88 games online. Our widely known list of free games for kids is yours to explore as well!


Instruction to play:

Touch Screen and Mouse Control.