is an awesome multiplayer io game which is playable on y8 kid games for free. This game brings you to a war among various gamers around the world. The war for the throne is taking place in your area and everyone is fighting against all the opponents to become the King. Can you rule this land and become the King?

Each person possesses a hook and uses it as a weapon to attack the enemies. You must move around the arena and enlarge your weapon by collecting the food scattered on the floor. Your food is the colored blobbies such as green dots, purple blobbies, blue blobbies, white blobbies and so on. For each blobby you collect, the size of your hook increases. Thus, the more blobbies you can collect, the bigger your weapon is and that can help you kill your foes easily.

You are allowed to choose your character before playing in y8y8y8 games. There are many eye-catching characters, so pick the favorite one. If you meet your competitors, activate your hook to attack your enemies, after that, they split into many blobbies and you can pick them up to grow up. When you feel you are in danger, perform a speed boost to try and outflank your opponents or move away from danger.

The King is the one who has the biggest hook and the highest score. Attempt to become the King!

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Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to move, left mouse button to hook and press right mouse button or space bar to boost speed.