Spongebob Parkour

Would you like to learn the basics of parkour? Y8 games free gives you a chance to join the performances of the players from all around the world in Spongebob Parkour. You will get to accompany the adorable Spongebob and show us your amazing skills. What are your tasks in this game?

First, you will have to learn the easy techniques such as running and jumping through ice, elevators, trampolines, and different kinds of surfaces without touch the deadly acid. Don't fall down because if you do, you will be burned by the hot acid and the game will be over. Remember that you need to do this while staying balanced on your board. For each level, you need to get to the checkpoints to refill your health and respawn from that spot when you die.

This y8y8 online game might seem quite hard for the new players, however, just follow the tutorial and the instructions in the game and you will get it in no time! When you play the game, you can check out the comment section from other players who are competing against you. It's such a cool game, isn't it?

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Instruction to play:

Move with W, A, S, D, click the mouse to view the map, jump with the spacebar, use K to respawn and use E to buy more upgrades in the store.