Omicronian is an online game presented on y8 games for free. This HTML game allows you to play online in browsers such as chrome and safari or on the touch devices (tablet, iPhone, iPad, Window phone, Samsung) with no registration. You are in the battle between you and many evil planes.

You are at the bottom of the area and your enemies fly above you. Your mission is to survive and try to kill as many enemies as possible. Your foes appear from the top of the screen and then they are approaching you and shoot you. You must shoot them to eliminate them as well as avoid their attack to keep yourself alive. For each small killed enemy, you gain 10 points and you get 20 points as you knock a large airplane on y8 shooting games down.

You can see your health on the health bar on the left corner of the screen. When you are attacked, you get injured and it decreases a little bit. You lose the game and have to replay again once this bar runs out. We prepare you plenty of levels to conquer and each level requires a certain number of points such as 345 points for level 1. Complete them one by one to unlock the next level.

Sometimes you can get the defending power by shooting the enemies and touching the gift from them. Besides, you can also catch the new weapons which are hidden in the foe’s plane.

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Instruction to play:

Use arrows to move.