Icy Purple Head

If you want to overcome many challenges. Do not miss the opportunity to experience the online game Icy Purple Head at y8 puzzle games. You will see many new challenges in this game. What are you waiting for, play the game now? I am sure you will find it very interesting the first time.

To become the winner in this game, you have to master the rules. Your task is simple. Each level of the game will have different challenges. Your task is to find the path for the purple character to get them to the fastest and most technically correct box.

The purple character will slide on the iceberg, or be moved on the magnet ... a lot of new things in this game. Use hints and items at each level to overcome these challenges. Are you ready to start? The challenge is not too hard but requires you to think. Your brain will be trained.

You will work faster to avoid lightning bolts. If you collide it, you will play again and it will take time. The game has many levels. How many levels will you pass in this game at http://y8games.games/? It all depends on your brain. The game helps you train your intelligence. With vivid graphic design, cute images, fun to bring to the players.

Invite your friends to play and experience the fun in this game. And if you love games, play some other similar games such as at Jiggy Puzzle  and Ralph Breaks The Internet Jigsaw. Spend some time relaxing with friends over the weekend. People will be closer.

Instruction to play:

How to play: Use the mouse to play the game