Stickman Fighter Training Camp

Stickman Fighter Training Camp is one of the best stickman fighting games this category has ever had, where you will train yourself to become the best stickman warrior in the entire world! Train to be the fastest stickman fighter in the world.Blast away an endless iron column in the fastest game ever. Put your reflexes to the test, unleach your skills and climb the leaderboards for global domination! 

You will have an endless column, and you have to kick it and take down from it as much as possible. When you press the left arrow you kick it from the left, when you press the right one, you kick it from the right. Change directions when you see weapons or obstacles right over your head because if you kick in the same direction they are, you will be hit by them and lose the game, breaking your record. 

With a huge collection of games, sure you can find something that suits your taste. Some of the best ones you can try first are Tom and Jerry Xmas or Zombie Walker at 


Instruction to play:

Use the mouse.