Hanger: Stickman Rope Swing

Hanger: Stickman Rope Swing is a fun online rope swinging game which can be playable on y8 exciting games for free. This wonderful game is the best way for you to practice your finesse and reflexion skills. Since Tarzan and Spiderman started swinging around through the city or the jungle, everyone seems to love this cool discipline.

In this game, you have a special ability to travel around hanging from spot to spot. It is your goal to reach as far as possible avoiding deadly traps and, of course, deadly walls. You will control a ragdoll character. Create the rope that attaches to the ceiling and you can fly a distance because the rope can help you swing from one point to the next one. Try your best to determine the right direction to keep you airborne while navigating the level of y8 games for kids.

Don’t forget to avoid many harmful objects such as the spikes which are suspended along the way. The important thing you need to remember is that you must not hurt your head or you will die immediately.

Try your best to click to throw your rope and hold until you reach a good level, then let go and repeat. It is necessary for you to choose the time to shoot your rope and balance. You will lose your body parts if you press too early or too late and you will be too high or too low! Try your best to go as far as you can to set a record!

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Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to play.