Zombie Disaster

Zombie Disaster is a fast-paced 3D multiplayer first-person shooter game that you can play on y8 games for free. This game brings you a chance to fight against various skillful players around the world. One day, the apocalypse is happening and hungry zombies are hunting people. The interesting and unique feature of this game is that you can choose your characters, even it is an awful zombie or an elite soldier.

If you want to become an elite soldier, you will join the squads of soldiers who are trying to save this world from such bloodthirsty threat, and your mission is to eliminate all the harmful zombies. Zombies appear everywhere in your line of sight: on your left, on your right, or even on the roof. Your area transferred to a bloody battle and your mission is to bring light back to this land by eliminating all the harmful creatures by using a weapon and shoot at them in y8 2018 action games.

On the contrary, you can become an undead and go on a real hunt. Your mission in this role is to kill all the soldiers and eat them. You have no weapon, just knock your enemies by your hands. Besides, watch out to avoid being attacked because the soldier can shoot you from a long distance by a gun.

Before playing, select your area: Europe, America, or Asia. Whoever you are, choose your side carefully and fight with your teammates. Attempt to survive to get higher kill counts before the timer runs out.

We are so thankful if you vote the game 5 stars and leave your comments. Invite your friends to join the bloody battle with you. Many similar games are waiting for you as Bubble Monster or Sneak In 3D.

Instruction to play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to move, Right click to scope up, Left click to shoot, Spacebar to jump, C to crouch, R to reload, Ctrl to prone, Shift to run, and 1 to 9 key to change weapon (soldier side).