Kingdom Pop

Kingdom Pop

Date added: 10/01/2018

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Kingdom Pop at y8y8 school Games for kids is a very interesting story about your kingdom and beasts. Imagine you have a beautiful kingdom and your task is to protect and develop that kingdom. Suddenly, a wave of beasts emerges and they want to destroy everything in your kingdom.

At all costs you must destroy and protect everything in this beautiful kingdom. What do you have to do? Will you shoot or fight the beasts? No! All you need is to solve all the puzzles in the game at y8 at school 2018. To kill enemies, you need to simply click on the icons of the same type and make them disappear on the screen. Each time, the power of the beast will decrease and exhausted gradually.

Therefore, you have to click continuously and create great destruction to destroy the beasts as soon as possible. You should remember that the more icons you connect, the more power the beast loses at Take advantage of every opportunity to win 3 stars in each level and unlock the next levels. Is it attractive enough for you?

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Game controls:

Controls: Connect items by using your left mouse on the computer.

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