Dragons Vs Icy Bricks

Dragons Vs Icy Bricks is an epic online game which you can play on y8 games for free. This is an HTML game which can be playable in both browsers (safari, chrome) and touch device (Samsung, iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Window phones). You have a dragon and your mission is to lengthen it and keep it alive a long as you can.

You are in an endless space which contains many bricks. The bricks can appear one by one or they stand in a row. In the beginning, your character is short. You feed them and it will grow up. The food is the dots which are scattered on the ground and each dot has one number above it and you can lengthen this number of units. For examples, you eat a dot with number 5, you will grow 5 units in y8 games online.

Besides, you shorten and lose a number of units when you crash the brick. For instance, you hit a brick with number 10, you lose 10 units, but if you don’t have enough 10 units, you lose the game immediately. In addition to this, there are many squares containing the useful power such as the magnet which can help you collect all the food around you without touching, the fire which helps you go through the bricks without losing any unit, the shoot machine which can shoot to destroy, and the brick in front of you. However, they will disappear many seconds, so, make full use of them.

You earn coins for each time you play and when you collect enough coins, you can unlock the new beautiful and lovely dragon. How far can you go in this game?

Tell us your highest score in the comment box, assess the game highly to encourage us and introduce the game to your friends to have fun in the free time. Many other puzzle games are waiting for you in http://y8games.games/ like Combat Penguin and Hobin Rood.

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to play.