There are more and more action and shooting games nowadays. If you like a dynamic game, game y8 online has the perfect one for you. It's Squadd.io!

Do you remember this game? It is a multiplayer game of block shooting, in which your tasks are to shoot all enemies and escape the arena. You will have to move around the field while checking to see where the weapons are and shooting the opponents at the same time.

The keys to success in this game are the ability to multitask, quick reflexes and precise shots. Do you have all these traits? In the battlefield, each player needs to find his own weapon that is hidden in the boxes on the way. There are a variety of weapons to choose from, such as: Sniper, Minigun, Double barrel,.....

Pick up as many as possible to upgrade the weapons and collect more scores. You should also carefully choose a smart strategy to defeat all enemies. Y8 1player game makes this game different from the old games by installing an online mode. You can invite your friend to assist you in the dangerous battle or challenge each other.

Make sure to keep the distance from the enemies so that you can aim more precisely. Come to http://y8games.games/ and try out some more games like Wormate.io and Splix.io. Let's join now!

Instruction to play:

The character is controlled by keyboards or the mouse.

Move them with W, A, S, D and left click to shoot.