The Lost Planet Tower Defense

The Lost Planet Tower Defense is a fantastic tower defense game which is playable on y8y8y8 games online. You are exploring  a new and exciting land in the mysterious galaxy but your spaceship is broken and it falls down to a strange planet. Then, many thrilling aliens appear and attack your spaceship and you have to protect to fix it and return to your earth. Make a wise plan to eliminate them all to keep your spaceship in safe.

In the beginning, you have 113 points. Use them to buy the defensive towers to attack your enemies. There various different defensive towers and each of them has its own different function and is effective against different types of unit. For example, the tower costing 25 points contains the bullets and the tower with 75 points can spark out the electricity to slay the foes in y8 2018 games for free faster.

Built the towers in the suitable positions to give the best effect. Killing the aliens brings you more diamonds which can turn into money for purchasing more defensive towers. There is a health bar above each alien, whenever it runs out, the alien will die and transform to a diamond. They appear wave by wave from one side. In level 1, you must knock out 6 waves of aliens and this number increases to 8. When you progress, you can unlock more powerful defensive towers. Get the higher rank in each level to unlock the new land such as the Alex vines Are, Weapons.AS, Crater Area, Dreams and so on.

You can see your health status at the bottom of the screen. It is 10 at first and it decreases as you let the aliens reach your spaceship. When 10 aliens come into your base, you lose the game. Try your best to explore many new lands.

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Instruction to play:

Use left mouse button to play.