Barbie's Birthday Cake

Barbie's Birthday Cake

Date added: 21/12/2017

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Happy birthday Barbie! Do you know that it's Barbie's birthday today? She is having a little party with her friends at home, and you are also invited. Barbie has prepared all the food and drinks, but she hasn't bought a birthday cake yet. People at online y8 game town know that you are an amazing pastry chef, how about baking a birthday cake as a gift for Barbie?

This will be the best gift she ever received. In order to make a great cake, first, you need to decide how many layers you want to make. Choose your cake base and put them into the oven to bake for a bit. Now that the cake shape has become solid, you can continue by decorating the cake with candies, chocolate, flowers or candy canes.

A tip to succeed is that you should cover the cake surface with sugar glaze first to make it more colorful, then you can place the decorations easier. This y8 1 player game requires you to use your observation skill, mix and match ability and pastry decoration talent to make the tastiest cake yet beautiful and eye-catching.

The design and graphics consist of pastel color so Barbie's Birthday cake is truly a perfect game for kids, especially girls at for free.

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Game controls:

Control with your mouse.

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