Hello Autumn Hello Elsa

It's the most beautiful season of the year. Girls should enjoy this season by hanging out and dressing up nicely. Elsa from Hello Autumn Hello Elsa also wants to glam up, but she can't decide what she should wear.

If you like these activities, check out Hello Autumn Hello Elsa right now! The most beautiful season is coming at http://y8games.games town. Come and enjoy the magnificent scenery and many activities with Elsa in the Hello Autumn Hello Elsa Online Game! This is a fun online game which is most suitable for girls to play with their girlfriends.

The game’s design is very colorful and eye-catching and the instruction is really easy to follow. First, you will help Elsa pick the fruit from the garden. It’s autumn so there are many different kinds of fruit which are already ripe and ready for you to collect. You will find lots of apple trees, banana trees, and many other types. When you finish finding all the fruit that Elsa need from y8 game for girl garden, you can continue to help her mix and match her clothes. With your styling skill, there’s no doubt that Elsa will be the most beautiful girl with autumn style.

Autumn is all about layers, so you should match the color of her clothes with the color of the Y8game free scenery. Try your best to keep her warm and look chic and cool at the same time. You can choose Elsa’s outfit from a wide range of jackets, scarves, shirts, and dresses. This will definitely satisfy your fashion passion and give you a fun time dressing up the beautiful Elsa. Try it out now! If you like games like this, come to Y8 GAME and check out even more interesting game such as BFFs Girls Team and Hospital Hustle. Have fun!

Instruction to play:

use your mouse to drag the basket and pick Elsa’s clothes.