Experience the new feeling of shooting when participating in Crush online game y8y8 game y8 You will be conquered more challenging challenges if you explore it. Very interesting game. You will love it the first time you play. What are you waiting for? Start playing now. Many new and unexpected things are waiting for you. You will discover professional shooting techniques. What is your mission? Crush is a side-scrolling third-person shooter game made from animated pixel art game. You are performing a future soldier on the space station.

This game is its implanted version on Steam. You can collect objects on the floor in each room and enhance your ratings. You will compete on one floor with the cheers of many fans. This will stimulate you more excitement when playing. But also requires you to shoot accurately to avoid shooting down the audience. Good luck and have fun Crush! Enjoy the fun today! Very interesting game. You will experience many new things. How many levels will you overcome and win many opponents? It all depends on your ingenuity.

You will win truly glory on the floor. With vivid graphic design, you will stand on a floor playing with the enthusiastic cheers of many people. You will win yourself and collect a lot of people on your side. If you have a lot of time, you should join now. Invite your friends to join the game and don't forget to share the joy with them. And if you love this game, you can play some other similar games Assault Fury and Scar at y8 games 1 You will have more time to relax in life.

Instruction to play:

WASD to move, mouse to shoot and roll, F for action, Space for action 2