Millionaire Quiz

Millionaire Quiz: Who needs a million bucks nowadays? Oh, you? Then start playing Millionaire Quiz! Choose a topic, try to answer all questions right and see if you got what it takes to become a millionaire! Have fun!

If you loved to watch it, it’s time to play and be a millionaire on y8 free games! Downloaded and loved by 6 million users worldwide! Ever wondered what it is like to be in the hot seat of a TV show, fighting for the grand price of one million?

With Millionaire you have a chance to play and experience the thrilling excitement of climbing up to the top through 15 challenging trivia puzzles from history to geography and see if you have what it takes to be a millionaire!


  • 15 questions with gradual difficulty
  • 3 lifelines - 3 chances to win!
  • local high score leaderboard

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