Monster Jump

Jump from platform to platform, collect coins and useful power-ups. Avoid collisions with asteroids, space mines and robots.

Monster Jump Pro is all about... well... Monsters and jumping. Get your buddy monster and keep her going up and high by collecting awesome coins and rewards. This really popular game is all about testing your skill game play. It is for both boys and girls and that love mega jumping games using a single Tap control.

Tilt your iphone to control the direction of your monster jump. By collecting all the coins in the game you can jump even higher up. Try to get the cool powerups while jumping so you tiny baby monster will keep rising

This game features THREE different monsters to play with Y8. Great graphics just like we always do :)
And now we have a new mega fun IAP KIDS MODE: use this and you are not going to fall and kill your cool monster.

If you love " Monster Jump " do not forget to come and visit us on our facebook page. Our popular game is great for kids at all ages because it shows no pain,killings or other stuff little boys and girls do not care for in games Y8 at

Instruction to play: