Stba.Io is an io game which you can play on y8 games online for free. The game allows you to engage in high-tech multiplayer warfare against hundreds of other players online. You will join a team and fight together with your teammates to defeat your opponents whose aim is to evade your land.

Before entering the arena, you can choose from a range of different warships such as a javelin, a roller, a silencer, a manta, warhawk, silencer, bomber, spider tank, and peregrine. They are free for you to choose, select your favorite one and start fighting. Besides, many stronger units require you to gain a number of skills to unlock such as the Hapry which is unlocked at 20 skills, the Gladiator with 20 skills, the battleship and disrupter cannon with 60 skills, and the ion cannon and decimator will 40 skills in y8 games for school. Each unit has different statistics and weapon.

You can fight for the red team or the blue one. While facing your enemies in combat and attempt to destroy their base, you must defend your base too. To avoid being outnumbered, you can work together with your teammates and use strategies to defeat your enemies. You also level up when you destroy your foes. You can purchase new and improved units and upgrades as you level up. Each of the units has its own standard attack and a special ability. You can see the health bar above you and your enemies. The person whose bar runs out will lose the game.

Work hard to help your team become the winner.

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Instruction to play:

Use the left click to shoot, WASD to move, and 1 to use the special skill.