Tower Defense Sudden Attack

Tower Defense Sudden Attack is a fantastic tower defense game which you can play for free on y8 2018 games. A peace treaty has been violated when the evil people are moving to our area to attack your base with an aim of occupying it. You are an owner of this land and your mission is to eliminate all the enemies and protect your power.

Before playing, select your favorite level. There are 3 levels with different challenges and characteristic. The higher level you are in, the harder the challenges are and the faster the vehicles move. Besides, each level is equivalent to a different map. Furthermore, level 1 and 2 have 7 waves in each round, but level 3 has 9 waves. I suggest that you should conquer the game of free games at y8 from level 1 to level 3.

In the beginning, the game prepares you  50 dollars, make full use of them to building the basic defensive tower. There are 3 types of weapons for you: the sniper rifle which is bought with 20 dollars, the light gun which costs 50 dollars, and flamethrower with the price of 70 dollars.

Before the battle starts, you have many seconds to build the basic defensive towers. Your enemies are truck, helicopters and so on. Each time you slay an enemy, you gain 10 dollars. Use the money you earn from destroying units to upgrade your towers and build new and improved structures.

You can see the health bar on the left top corner of the screen, when you let a vehicle approach your base, it decreases a little bit and you lose your area when it runs out of red color. Thus, you have to replay the game from the first wave of the level. Make a wise plan to finish your task with the highest amount of money!

Please rate the game highly and introduce it to your friends to have fun in the free time. Explore more interesting games like Jet Fighter.

Instruction to play:

Drag the left mouse button from the weapon's icon to the location to place a weapon.