Classic Uno

Uno is a favorite card game of many players around the world. It is a well-balanced combination of strategy and chance that gives an entertaining experience for all ages. Among many refreshing Uno games, let’s bring back the classic feeling with Classic Uno at y8 co m new games There are 4 players in a match. First of all, you create for yourself an impressive game and choose a favorite avatar. Then, the battle without weapons start. Yes, without using any weapons, the battle in this game is as thrilling as any war games out there.

The rule is simple to learn but to win, it’s not easy at all. For those who don’t know Uno is a simple matching game of color and number. There are 108 cards divided into 4 colors including red, green, blue and yellow. Each player has 7 cards. The ranks of the cards in each color are 0 to 9 and 5 action cards – Skip, Draw Two, Reverse, Wild and Wild Draw Four. Players play in turn. Each player has to match the card by number or color. The winner is the player who has no cards left.

On y8 unblocked, you compete against AI players. This card game seems to be simple but it requires players have to think and plan a wise strategy. Players enjoy this game not only for fun but also to develop counting, matching, and critical thinking. If you can’t invite your friend to play Uno in real life, you can visit our site and compete against strategic AI players. And don’t forget to enjoy and test your skills in other choices of games such as Solitr and Flash Chess 3

Instruction to play:

Controls: Use your mouse to play Uno.