Swimming Accident First Aid

Swimming Accident First Aid

Date added: 23/06/2017

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Welcome to the game Swimming Accident First Aid in the series y8y8. Today you will learn how to give the first aid measures for some types of accidents.

Hello, little kid! Welcome to us to enjoy new fun y8 games for children. Today you will learn how to give the first aid measures for some types of accidents. It is important to know the first aid measure for any unfortunate accident. Mostly, the life of a persondepends on the skills of the person who intervenes. So, knowing the simple rules of first aid by each of us can save lives.

The Y8 game online will be very interesting and educational. Definitely, you will have something to learn. In this little town will be a few accidents. You must be very careful to resolve all the problems. These people need your help. All you have to do is to follow the instructions and save their lives. I will present you some of the accidents:


  1. A swimming accident: here your job is to resuscitate the patient, give her oxygen, measure hers heartbeat. Do not forget to call 911 first!
  2. An accident caused by fire: firstly called firefighters to extinguish the fires, then save the people from the house.
  3. An accident caused by a fall from tree: here you must to be very careful because the patient has many wounds and broken bones.
  4. A rollerBlade accident: you need to give her the proper drugs, to disinfect wounds, to bandage the wounds and make an x-ray.

So, now you will be a little doctor. Enjoy this game and help us with an honest comment and a good rate. Have fun at http://y8games.games/

This is a game inspired by Castel Run. She fell into the pool. Please first aid before the car arrived.

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