You begin to play as a fly and evolve gradually becoming a large predator in the newest .io y8 game FlyOrDie io. To evolve, you must eat, all with green color. But be wary of all all that is circled in red. Watch the water, you must drink to survive. So, , can you become the biggest bird and eat everyone on your way in Fly Or Die io? Enjoy and share with your friends!

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Each animal has predators that you must be aware of so keep moving and don't become someone else's food! Remember that you are fighting against hundreds of other players so have fun and try to survive in the wild!

This fascinating free y8 game remind the popular Mopeio, you also development of the food chain. starting with a fly, a butterfly and ending with a huge eagle. All animals in Flyordie can fly, but also swim and crawl. Already in the near future, game developers are planning to add new animals. Play the game in full screen mode at, watch the video walkthrough.


  • .io game in which you can become an animal and evolve yourself by eating enough preys
  • Different preys and predators in each stage of animal
  • Side-scrolling view with various objects
  • You can fly high to space and go deep in the underground

Instruction to play:

  • WASD to move around
  • Left click to fly