Kunai Throw

Kunai Throw is a one-player game which you can play on y8 games for kids. This HTML game is playable on both browsers (safari, chrome) and touch devices (iPhone, iPad, Androids devices and Window Phones). You have a wooden round plate which is spinning around continuously but it doesn’t have a certain speed. The game prepares you many knives for you to shoot them at the target.

The plate will annoy players because sometimes it rotates in clockwise, but sometimes it changes suddenly and rotates in counterclockwise. You must be careful when throwing the weapon in order not to touch any other knives that are attached to the spinning board in y8 online games.

The challenge in each level is different. It means you have to throw a different number of blades in each round. For example, in level 1, you are provided 5 knives. Then, you must shoot 6 knives at the plate in the level 2. Your aim in level 3 is to 7 knives at the target. After that, you continue launch 8 blades in the level 4.

You have no chance to make a mistake because you will lose the game immediately as a knife touches another one or you cannot shoot any knife at the target. You get points for each time you hit the weapon completely. As you lose, you have to replay the game from level 1 and your result is cleared. Furthermore, the game doesn’t limit your time, so be prudent to conquer the game.

You should calculate position and timing to plug knives exactly.

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Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to shoot the weapon.