Shapes Sudoku

Sudoku is played on a framework of 9 x 9 spaces. Inside the lines and segments are 9 "squares" (comprised of 3 x 3 spaces). Each line, section and square (9 spaces each) should be rounded out with the numbers 1-9, without rehashing any numbers inside the line, segment or square. On y8y8y8 Games, LofGames made an extremely simple UI and a lot more component for you to appreciate the traditional SUDOKU game. 

By subbing mathematical shapes for numbers, the instructor carries variety to the mainstream Sudoku game. Students develop critical thinking skills as they use given shapes to find logical solutions. Students also exercise patience and focus as they complete a task. Logic-based games are excellent activities for independent practice or rainy days.

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Instruction to play:


Use mouse or touch screen or any pointing input device to play this game.