Cyber Soldier

Cyber Soldier is an online game that you can play on y8 kid games for free. Cyber Soldier is an amazing shooting game which challenges your fighting skills and practices your reflexion ability. Your base is threatened by an army of metal monsters. As a role of a cyber soldier, you take a duty of killing all the monster to save your base as well as the world.

You are prepared machine gun and you will use it to attack your enemies. The game has many levels, each of them is equivalent to each room. The room is full of monsters and difficulties. Thus, you must be careful and grab the chance to attack these thrilling creatures. You will face many metal monsters want to kill you, they are in some position and they are moving back and forth. They will attack you by shooting at or touching you when you approach them in y8 amazing games.

You can kill these machines by shooting constantly at them. Besides, you will meet many other obstacles on the way such as the gears, the flying colored balls, the nails on the ground, the poisonous water, and so on. You have to jump through the platforms carefully and try to kill your opponents with the less hurt. If you touch the machine enemies, you are injured and your health bar decreases a little bit but if you fall into the hole full of nails or the poisonous water, you die immediately.

In addition to this, you should collect the gold coins as moving and use the helpful; items to recover your health and refill the bullets. Attempt to kill all the monsters and get escaped. Don't be afraid, keep calm and be a brave soldier. I'm sure you can make the world a better place.

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Instruction to play:

Use WASD/arrows to move, L/X to shoot, and K/Z to attack, or tap the screen to play.