Bus & Subway Runner

Bus & Subway Runner is an online subway and bus themed endless run game which you can play on y8 best games for free. Your mission in the game is to take control of a boy who is escaping from the police. You should help him run as fast as possible on the road full of means of transport and impediments and avoid being arrested.

You are running on the railways and there are 3 lanes on your way, you can change your lane whenever you need to dodge the obstacles. There are many trains moving toward you and you must act fast to change your lane in time to avoid them. Besides, there are other harmful objects such as the dividers. To keep yourself safe, you can move to the right, move to the left, jump up, and swipe down. Don’t crash into vehicles or objects or let them hit you. Otherwise, you will die in y8 running games.

In case you die, you can replay many times. Don’t forget to collect the gold coins on the way because you can use them to unlock the new characters or useful items. Furthermore, sometimes you can see many items on the road which can help you double the coins, fly on the area full of coins. However, they just work in many seconds. In addition to this, collecting the gift bags to get more coins or other yields. Attempt to run as far as you can to explore the challenging racetrack and set a record.

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Instruction to play:

Use arrows or WASD to play.