2cars Adventure

2cars Adventure is an online driving game that you can play on y8 kid games for free. It is different and more difficult than usual because you have to control 2 vehicles on the street at the same time. It is not easy for you to conquer the game because you must not only collect the useful items on the road but also avoid crashing the impediments.

The two cars are moving in the same direction. There are 4 lanes on the street and each car can move right or left in 2 serried lanes. Many obstacles appear on your way to stop you, you must pay the highest attention to act fast and control your cars avoid the harmful objects. Change your lane immediately when seeing the obstacles. The obstacles are the holes, the dividers, or the red circle objects. They are scattered on the road and you will die if one of your cars hits them.

In addition to this, you also need to collect all the gas. For each gas can you pick, you earn one point. Besides, you will also die if you miss out one gas can. The more gas cans you collect, the more points you gain. Your record and current score are displayed after you finish your mission. To conquer the game, you have to quickly react and focus on the cars. Come and play with us. Have fun and good luck!

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Instruction to play:

Play: Tap on screen or click the mouse to change your lane.