Galaxy Slope

Galaxy Slope

Date added: 18/04/2018

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Galaxy Slope is a crazy reaction distance game which you can play on y8 games for kids. You will have to wreck your nerves to conquer the game because of its difficulties. Your objective in this game is to control a ball and travel around the eye-catching universe.

You are in the large galaxy with the breathtaking views and magical scenes in space. When your ball travels down the course you will see meteors, planets, stars, asteroids, comets, satellites, and galaxies fly past you in a beautiful display of wonder and color. The black ball with bright green lines is moving constantly and you just have to change its direction at the right time.

The ball starts on Mercury, then pass through the Earth, Saturn, and the rest of planets. The adventure is full of danger with the endless road and many challenges on the way. Sometimes you are in the tube of y8 online games and you must control it to not touch the barriers. The road is so narrow that you will fall out of it if you are careless.

In addition to this, the road has many slopes, you have to move up and down wisely and try your best to not fall out of the way. You gain score when moving, so the further you go, the more points you gain. If you fall or crash the obstacles, you will lose your life but you can replay immediately. Move flexibly to explore the solar system.

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Game controls:

Use arrows to move.

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