Turbotastic is a magnificent retro looking racing game that you can play on y8 racing games for free. This HTML game is playable in both browsers and touch devices. You will play in a wonderful endless road in a landscape and your goal is to go as far as possible in the amount of time provided to gain the highest score!

Control your car safely on the track full of vehicles such as cars, trucks and so on. There are 3 lanes on the race. Watch out to change your lane at the right time to avoid crashing other cars because your speed is slow down as you crush other obstacles. The time is limited to 90 seconds. The further you go in the required time, the more points you get in y8 games online.

Attempt to collect the gold coins on the way to enhance your score. Besides, you can see the P power-up which is scattered on the track. Pick it up to transform your car into a monster truck that can crash cars from behind and then you gain the bonus points. Furthermore,  grab the N power-up to transform into a speedy sports car. However, the N power-ups disappear immediately when you crash other vehicles. These power-ups work in a certain amount of time and then your car returns as it is before.

In addition to this, you can pick the hourglasses on the road up to extend your time. Act wisely to move as further as you can and gain the highest score.

We are so thankful to receive your voting and feedback. Share the game with your friends to race together. Many other similar games are waiting for you such as Coaster Cars 2: Purple Race and Road Racer.

Instruction to play:

Use left/right arrow to steer.