Good Knight Princess Rescue

You only have one crucial job in Good Knight: Princess Rescue, a fun first-person action adventure game on Y8 games: save the princess imprisoned in the castle! You must collect eight keys scattered throughout the town in order to liberate the princess from her captivity. And if that wasn't enough of a test, the town is crawling with creatures who will attack you if they see you! Defend yourself against the monsters while looking for the keys across the town. After you've located all eight keys, proceed to the castle, where you'll confront one final monster. Defeat it to finish the quest and save the princess... assuming you're capable of doing so.

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Instruction to play:

The gameplay of Good Knight: Princess Rescue is simple and easy: use a series of basic buttons to run, jump, duck, and attack. To move around the city, simply tap the screen and a directional pad will appear, allowing you to go wherever you'd like.