City Minibus Driver

The City Minibus Driver game on Y8 allows you to take on the role of a bus driver in a crowded city. In career mode, you must deliver passengers on schedule to the bus stations along the routes. After each successful mission, you will be rewarded financially. The minibus racing event is also a good way to get money. You can buy faster and more luxurious minibuses from the garage with the money you earn. The wheel on the minibus may burst, and the fuel may run out while it is driving. Alternatively, minibus passengers may dislike the minibus because it is filthy. You'll have to solve all of these issues as well. Because you'll be a fantastic driver on

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Instruction to play:

PLAYER 1 Move: "W,A,S,D" or (Arrow Keys, If playing single) Look back: "B" Fix bus's position: "R" Handbrake: "SPACE" Horn: "1,2,3" Camere: "C" PLAYER 2 Move: "ARROW KEYS" Look back: "B" Fix bus's position: "O" Handbrake: "RIGHT-SHIFT"