Rotare is an online interesting game that you can play on y8 online games for free. This funny game can not only make you feel relaxed but also improve your reflexion skills. You will see various geometries in this game such as squares, rectangles, diamonds, hexes, parallelograms and so on.

Your duty is to control a white ball which is rolling constantly in the geometry. There is the same smaller form inside this geometry. This ball is moving automatically and you just need to change its direction in time when it reaches the inflection point. Try to avoid bumping into the edges of both geometry or you will be destroyed and lose the game in y8 kid games. Then, you lose all your points and have to replay at the starting point.

The ball is running so fast that your reaction needs to be fast, too. You can see a straight line which connects two geometries together. You gain point by leading the ball reach it. Each time you touch this line, you receive one point. After reaching it, the ball turns back, you must be careful to act in the suitable time to stay in the game as long as you can to gain the highest points.

Each time you replay the game, you have a chance to challenge yourself with a different geometry. Sometimes you can see the blue diamonds on the way, try your best to catch them. Your score and the record are displayed after you finish your mission. Attempt to conquer the game and tell me how many points you can get!

We always welcome your comments and rating. Please share the game with your friends to see who can react faster and score more. Explore more similar games at like Trim FRVR and IRO.

Instruction to play:

Click your mouse or tap the screen to change the direction.