Red boy and Blue Girl Forest Adventure

Red boy and Blue Girl Forest Adventure is an awesome platform game that suits 2 players. You can play this game with one of your friends or family members or even you can play alone. There are 2 characters here and you have to control both of them. You have to go through 30 levels of each mode. Play normal mode or easy one of your choice at y8 for free. To advance in the game and unlock the new level, you have to lead both of 2 characters to the exit in each level.

If one of them reaches the exit, your mission is not completed yet. Remember that rule. Besides, you can see some pools of hot lava and water at every level. So keep in mind that Red boy can go through the hot lava pool without being hurt but he will die if he touches the water. What about the girl? Well, our Blue girl is safe with water but lava will make her evaporate. So, make sure you keep their life safe.

On, Red boy and Blue girl are not only threatened by these liquids but also enemies. The adventure will be boring without elements like obstacles or enemies. This game will include these elements to enhance your gaming experience. More challenges mean more fun. So you can expect that many dangers await you ahead. Be ready for that and also get ready for other awesome games such as Jewel Magic Xmas or Masha And The Bear Jigsaw.

Instruction to play:

WASD to control the Red boy and arrow keys to control the Blue girl.