Salvage Guns Io

If you are a fan of dangerous fighting games. Do not miss the chance to discover the Salvage Guns Io online game in y8 games. You will surely be attracted for the first time. The game opens a new world of fighting games. You will find new things in this game.

Start playing now if you know the rules of the game. Imagine you are in a dangerous and fierce battle, you will drive a tank. Your mission is to shoot all the enemies along the way. If you do not shoot, you will be killed instantly. Try to collect all of their leftovers, accumulate money and buy better cannons, help you shoot better.

Stay away from dangerous ships. They will chase you out of the battlefield. Your enemies are very much, they have weapons of destruction. Battle fierce, pass the battle and return safely. Do you have confidence when winning this game? With incredibly vivid graphics, you are in a challenging battle.

You have to fight a lot of enemies, with dangerous weapons they will kill you if you do not destroy them. The game will help you practice better observation skills. This game at also challenges your intelligence. You will have to choose your combat path. Do not worry if you fail. Play again for more fighting experience.

Challenge is hard but you will learn to persevere. You will have the opportunity to become the best player and put your name on the profile. Invite your friends and do not forget to share with them the fun in this game.

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Instruction to play:

Use Arrow Keys or WASD to move, use the mouse to aim and shoot