is an awesome first-person shooter which is playable y8 boys games. In this game, your skills with a gun is put to the test as you take on other players from around the world. Your weapons are amazing they are dual wield handguns that are capable of causing carnage on the battlefield. 


Main goal of Killz io is very simple. You should defeat as many opponents as possible. Do try to team with other players cause it's very hard to withstand cooperative attacks. However make sure you know your teammates, so no one shoots you from the back in Killz io.


The winner of each match will find themselves at the top of the leaderboard by getting the most kills out of everyone. To do this, your skills when using a gun need to be at their very best, and your tactics need to be sharp. Outsmart your opponents and come out as the victor. Good luck!


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Instruction to play:


Use the WASD to move

Left or right click to shoot

Space bar to jump