The most famous classic arcade game is back to gamey8 town! Do you recognize this cute little yellow ball? It's from Tapman, a spinoff of Pacman. This is a simulation game from Y8game 2018 that is almost the same as Pacman. If you used to spend hours to outrun the scary ghosts and munch on dots as a kid, you will enjoy this new game as well.

We bring you this game to enjoy the old experience from the childhood game, to have some fun and relaxing time as well as to enjoy a break from the working day. Do you remember how to play the game? That's right! The way to play the game is just like that of Pacman. You need to move the Tapman with keyboards to help him eat all the dots and gather scores. But there will be ghosts that appear along the way. Use your wits and intelligence to distract the ghost and avoid them while eating the dots.

In this new version of Tapman, the layout of each level is different and the ghosts are moving a little faster. However, with a little practice, your old skill will come back naturally and you will defeat all the ghosts in no time! Come to http://y8games.games to play this game online for free and experience many simulation games such as Word Cookies Online and Lozy

Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys to move the Tapman left, right, up and down.