Accelerator is an absolutely fantastic arcade game which you can play on y8 online games for free. You are in a 3D tunnel with different obstacles. This tube is quite narrow and it has various red or white glowing circles or lines. You have to go through it as far as possible because the further you move, the higher score you gain.

Before entering the ordeal, you can choose the game mode: practice, easy, hard or harder and even the starting speed such as 100, 200,300,400 and the highest is 1400. If you are a beginner, you should try out with the speed of 100 and once you get used to the gameplay change the speed settings to make the game faster and test your gaming limits. However, the higher starting speed requires you to pass a certain distance to unlock.

You are moving automatically and you just control your direction in order to avoid the obstacles in y8 kids games. When you are in the red area, your speed is accelerated and your speed is slow down when you move to the blue area. There are many types of impediments such as the red circles, the moving squares and so on and they are in the middle of the aisle. Sometimes, they stand still but sometimes they are moving constantly.

You have to calculate wisely to move through space. Try your best to travel through a series of moving tunnels without touching the sides or hitting other objects. You must have excellent reactions and quick fingers to conquer this true game of speed. If you are careless and you crush into the sides or harmful objects, you lose the game and have to replay from the starting point. Your highest score will be saved and showed after you finish the game.

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Instruction to play:

Move your mouse to control the game.